Sunday, July 8, 2012

social media tools in China

Whether the company is starting out, just starting to turn a profit or already on the verge of an acquisition, as an entrepreneur he will be constantly evaluating the tools that will help get his business to the next stage.

Even if the business is still using the ink as the most often style, they want to be equipped with the social media tools that will play an important role in company communication, product and brand promotions, and business development for the startup.

As I come from China, I have some idea about the social media in my country. In China, there are many social media tools, such as RenRen, QQ, Weibo. Most people use these tools to communicate with family, friends even strangers. At the beginning, the most part of the customers are young people. But now it has been developed to the life of every people. Not only the young like to use social media, but also the older people use the media keeping connect with others and getting to know the world.

After the booming development, social media is becoming more and more popular and important. With the rising number of user, many companies take part in the social media to extend their business.

Companies branding can get obvious benefits using social media. Whether users directly engage with the brand or not, they will still see the brand’s name within the networks they use. The more impressions a consumer gets of business, the more likely he will remember the company’s name in the future. And also social media can provide support to customers. It is vital to the success of any business and social media is no exception to the rule. When a person reaches out to you, whether their input is good or bad it is extremely important to respond in a timely and helpful manner. Social media provides the platform for consumers to interact on a person to person level, so that they aren’t talking to a faceless representative over the phone or via email. Respond whenever a user reaches out, just not to users acting profane, misleading or hateful. Providing this level of service, which can be something as simple as thanking someone for mentioning the brand, is completely transparent to the entire network, showing how dedicated the companies are to their audience?

In any business it is really important to keep pace with their competitors and get to know everything about the same service the company also have. Social media merely makes this process easier by allowing for complete transparency of the content and conversations their competitors are having on their various social accounts. Social media can help keeping company on track with other non-profits, businesses, publications or whoever the company interested in keeping tabs on or on the other side of the fence looking to partner with in the future for a promotion, campaign or some other type of partnership.

In my opinion, it is a platform for the customers and companies to communicate. It is an information era now. In this life style, social is the real media, life is the best communication. Business can get more success using the social media in the real life.