Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Social Media can help your business with inbound marketing

Are you the owner of a small business? Don’t know how to get more traffic and increase your sales? Are you afraid of the time Social Media handling may consume? Maybe you should consider inbound marketing through HubSpot.
They consolidated well known Social Media tools (Blog, Tweet and Analytics) and marketing components (which deserves a separate blog) into one application, hence the name HubSpot. This tool is not concerned about teaching you how to send a tweet or blog but in instructing users on how to generate/write the best content which will, in return, generate the biggest amount of leads in the least amount of time.

Blogging has a direct correlation to visits to a particular web site therefore if a blog is well written it will attract leads. The strategy used by HubSpot ‘s Social Media Component (SMC) is to help you write blogs that contain the best structure and key words. While writing your blog, suggestions of words will pop up on screen; these suggestions are generated by an embedded Search Engine Optimization (SEO) component which applies algorithms to your blog text in order to try to find the text that will generate the best chance of organic search results. While performing these sophisticated operations the SMC will also automatically add Social Media icons to your postings so you can focus on the task of most importance.

In addition the SMC provides blog analytics that will help you to track the efficiency of your postings so you can adapt to the conditions surrounding you.  The time the postings are more effective, which postings generated more traffic (views/comments) and the traffic to leads relationship (number of inbound links for each post) are all tracked by the tool and displayed.

Monitoring for key words on SM such as blogs, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube,  and keeping statistics of it may be relatively simple to execute but extremely time consuming when you are constantly doing it. The SMC can also monitor mentions of your company, competitors and keywords relevant to your business and generate a graphic with the consolidated data to show the “Social Reach”

One can also program the SMC to automatically share content from blogs to other social media channels and bulk schedule tweets for multiple accounts.  Again, not rocket science but time consuming grunt work if you are doing it “by hand”. 

HubSpot is not a revolutionary concept but it aggregates a lot of needed functionality – which can be found in many separate tools – in a single package which provides consolidated data of different sources in a mash up style. Hard to say if it is worth the money you pay monthly (I guess it depends on your line of business) but I would be inclined to try 2 month free trial if it was available. 

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