Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wildfire for Social Media Marketing

Are you a start-up or small business looking to gain new and retain already existing customers? Or are you in a large corporation trying to increase/maintain your market share or start world domination? Employing the use of social media networks is definitely a step in the right direction to actualize those goals

Social media is any platform that allows the interaction, sharing and editing of  information between two or more persons on the internet.

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According to, there are over 500 social networking sites online, ranging from social networks, blogs, microblogs, multimedia sharing and discussion forums

The figures above show just 4 of these social networking sites…..any marketer, business, service provider is definitely going…."i need to tap into that large, already congregated pool of potential customers!!!!"

Social media has changed the dynamics in business, customer interaction; the way businesses market, sell and communicate their products and services.

Some businesses that have used social media/network successfully

The challenge for businesses now is how to efficiently and effectively use social media tools to equate higher sales and profits.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools refer to the software solutions at the disposal of businesses that use social networks for the startup, growth or development of their businesses to run them efficiently and effectively.
Examples of social media management tools;

We shall consider the social media tool; Wildfire application;  in this post.

Wildfire for Social Media Marketing

Wildfire can be used on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, you-tube among a few.
Social Media Application PageS Manager
All social media network accounts of a business can all be housed and managed on a single unified page on Wildfire. Singular messages can be sent (or scheduled to send) to numerous social media applications. Customer relationship management; receiving and addressing customer issues and requests become easier as everything is in one place!

Social Media Promotions
A bargain or a freebie is very hard if not impossible for people to turn down. Marketers and businesses have been using this fact to reel in customers for ages! Finally, a tool is now available to duplicate such practices online!
With Wildfire, social promotions can be created, implemented and maintained on several social media applications concurrently. Contests, coupons, trivia, quizzes, sweepstakes and group deals, all of which help increase product/service awareness, increase online following and customer loyalty.

Social Media Business Intelligence and Analytics
Wildfire measures Social Media performance; online engagement data on each message or post, fan and follower growth over time. Performance is also benchmarked with competitors in real time. It also gives suggestions on how to improve social media presence and impact. Who to interact with (brand ambassadors), engaging topics etc.

Wildfire is a very valuable tool to both small and large businesses seeking to use social media networks to market and increase product awareness and loyalty.
Businesses like Zappos, Jamba Juice, Duck Tape, Edible Arrangements (run by Digital Surgeons) all ran promotions online using Wildfire and were very successful in increasing followers and raising revenues.